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Banded Together
     THE CD          
Banded   Together   is   the   tragic   and   moving story   of   the   Whiwick   Coal   Mine   Disaster   of April    1898.    This    disaster    occurred    in    the early   hours   of   Primrose   Day.   A   raging   fire claimed   the   lives   of   35   men   and   boys;   a number   of   the   bodies   remain   underground to   this   day.   These   events   are   dramatically re-created   by   the   use   of   music,   drama   and narration,   immersing   the   listener/observer   in the    emotion    and    fear    which    undoubtedly gripped    the    miners,    their    families    and    the wider community. This   work   has   been   conceived,   written   and produced   by   Ashby   De   La   Zouch   playwright Brian Langtry.
Employing   spoken   drama,   music and    narration    this    CD    depicts the    awful    events    of    Primrose Day.    The    voices    involved    are spoken     by     actors     and     the accompanying   music   transports the   listener   to   a   time   and   place long      lost      but      still      vividly remembered. The      CD      is      available      for purchase   by   sending   a   cheque for    £12    to    the    address    given below.    Payment    can    also    be made   by   PayPal   and   the   piece can   be   obtained   as   a   download from   Brian   Langtry,   contact   him by telephone:            01530 416251 Employing s0po
The   “Live   Show”   has   a   running time      of      nearly      one      hour. Conceived     from     the     CD     of Banded   Together   this   piece   uses a           multimedia           approach combining    live    music,    dramatic narration   and   a   film   slide   show accompanying         the         audio dialogue from the CD. The   Live   Show   was   launched   in Coalville   in   Sept.   2009   and   the Rt.    Hon.    David    Taylor    M.P.    for N.W.   Leics.   commented   “...   the Live      Show      looks      at      and dramatises        in        the        most remarkable    fashion    the    events surrounding     the     Whtwick     Pit Disaster”. A   big   thank   you   to   Geoff   Lewis and      the      N.W.Leics.      District Council    for    all    their    help    and support.
“   The   Song   of   the   Mine”   is   a   two hour   self   contained   show.   Act   1 is    a    performance    of    “Banded Together”    the    multimedia    show telling   the   story   of   the   Whitwick Pit   Disaster   and   Act   2   features an    hour    of    music    and    humour from   the   Zouch   Boys   performing mining    songs    from    around    the world. The   CD   “   Song   of   the   Mine”   is available     at     £10     incl.     p&p. Contact Brian Langtry by e-mail. brianlangtry@talktalk.net You can see the Zouch Boys perform on:
Brian Langtry is a writer, artist and performer with some 35 plays produced across both the professional and amateur stage. He is the writer of the extremely successful musical “The Eva Cassidy Story” now in its 10th. year of production. He has also written about the lives of Billie Holiday and Johnny Cash. Brian was the founder member of the iconic Black Country folk group “Giggetty” who appeared on stage, radio and TV over a 20 year period. He now lives in Ashby De La Zouch. Brian can be contacted by phone on 01530 416251 or by e-mail: brianlangtry@talktalk.net
                                           Brian Langtry`s plays and other works can be found on the following websites:        www.leglessproductions.co.uk    www.twoactplays.org.uk    www.oneactplays.org.uk   www.giggetty.co.uk                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                        Banded Together Live Show Following successful appearances during 2009 and 2010 this production can be seen at the following venues during 2011:  5th. March: Sharpe`s Pottery Museum, Swadlincote; 16th. April :Moira Miners Welfare, Moira; 21st/22nd. April : Wirksworth Fringe; 24th. September: Leicester Guild Hall; 1st. October: Botcheston Village Hall, Leics. 26th. November: The Grange Playhouse, Walsall                                            Booking can now be taken for 2012- Contact Brian Langtry
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